Office 365 Backup quick start: Initial configuration

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is responsible for backing up and restoring Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint online data. More people than ever are using these products to store business critical data due to its portability, moving between computers in the office, at home and the mobile devices in-between. This portability also opens the data up to more access points, leaving it vulnerable to unwanted modifications both from malicious attacks and unexpected user error. A ransomware attack can be just as devastating to your data as a user deleting or modifying the wrong shared SharePoint site.

What most administrators don’t know is that Microsoft protects the underlying hardware where the data sits but not the data itself, meaning if someone was to modify your data through an access point, Microsoft is not responsible for restoring it back to a previous state. Read more about where Microsoft protection stops in our Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model blog post. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 helps fill this protection gap so you’re able to restore your data no matter the situation. The following articles in this series will help you get started with the product so you can start protecting your Microsoft Office 365 environment today.

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